Our story

Hey there! 


My name is Aiche, I am the founder of Delicate Blaze candles, above all, I am a mother of two beautiful boys.


I would love to share a little bit about myself. I have always been passionate about hand-poured candles. There is just something special about the extra time and effort placed into their creation, more tender love and care that mass produced candles simply lack. 


Honestly, it was always a dream of mine to start up my own business, but I continually doubted myself. Tragically, three years ago I lost my beautiful little girl. She was and still is the embodiment of perfection and bliss. She inspired so much in me and gave me the strength and courage to pursue the dream I had lost. 


This business journey helped me grow and push through the unimaginable sorrows. It started out as a distraction that transformed into hobby which slowly blossomed into a modest home based business. All thanks to my beautiful children. 


Thank you kindly for taking the time to read my story.


Feel free to browse through the quality handmade products any queries or questions are most welcome. 


Yours truly,